By means of dowsing, with regard to measuring energy not immediately sensible by sensory perceptions, information can be gathered through this very sensitive methodology about man, animal and plant. It is a specialized technique with getting insights on many subjects that can point towards improvement of HEALTH. This can be about the possible therapies that can be suggested. There is also a methodology to indicate, through areas for special attention, to what more or less attention should be given in your personal life. Some factors can be measured that influence your health negatively as well. Even the percentage of that can be measured. This way, you will have the possibility to take action yourself immediately, because your body might be suffering. It is also possible to diagnose the shortages in MINERALS and VITAMINS very sharply. The body knows what it is short of itself!

NOURISHMENT Many people know too little about what eating pattern is best for them in their daily routine. The body knows what is best for itself for this as well and by means of dowsing, this can be measured. Following this advice promotes your health, the most precious thing we have as a human being.

ALLERGIES Not every allergy test that one undergoes, gives an extensive specialization of possible causes. Is turns out, that dozens of possibilities to what someone is allergic can be measured through dowsing. This, beside all sorts of nourishment, can also be domestic agents that someone gets in touch with on a daily basis.

SPORTS AND LEASURE ACTIVITIES In what can you find the most satisfaction in this moment in your life? Dowsing can provide an outcome with this as well, if there is any doubt about the right choice. Another dozen possibilities among which, problem solving, water and winter sports, athletics, martial arts, ball sports, car and motor racing, cycling, equestrian sports, creative hobbies, music, etc.

Every one of these very extensive measurements can be done in the form of personal consultations as well as by sending a recent picture that can be diagnosed. The indication of the price is related to the time that has to be spent. The base rate is € 30,- and is enough to gain insights to short questions most of the time. The hourly rate is € 60,-. Requests preferably by e-mail. Phone number: 0598-613121