Dowsing - an ethical phenomenon

I could never have expected, that when I came in touch with the phenomenon of commuting (dowsing) 25 years ago, I got to help a lot of people in getting the right insights to their paths in life in the passing years. I found out that with the right attitude where you ignore yourself during commuting can get access to the subconscious of your fellow-men, who has questions or problems in his/her life. In the beginning you are very careful with it, because the information you get can not always be verified. Especially on the level of souls where it is all about the descent of the soul and such I found out that the information is tempered with and only will be released fully if the medium has a high ethics. Then the ways to the subconscious where information can or may be acquired about things that have to do with the present/past and future open. This information and I know that through my years of experience, can give a lot of support in the present life. This so-called spiritual commuting comes from the spiritual insights that great masters like Lao-Tze, Paracelsus and many others have reached out to mankind. I am grateful that I have access to the level of the soul of my fellow-man through the commuting through this knowledge. This way I can also regularly trace the causes of the disturbances that people encounter in life. Hereby I mean all sorts of forms of diseases and inconveniences, to which people often cannot find an immediate answer and that through dowsing can give a right direction to curing. The question I asked myself the past time was: Why do I not give my services and advices more fame, right now when many of us are more and more confronted with social problems? There is so much to bring to the surface, for example about nourishment as well. What is the right eating pattern for someone, or what is the cause of a stubborn allergy? Or about the right direction of education or job where someone is fitted for.
By acquiring information through dowsing for relationships, I have seen that partners grow closer to each other again, because they understand each other better, now that they know where the problem from both partners come from. In short, with this form of commuting a lot is possible. Even on business area a lot of information can be acquired, for example about the management, opportunities and problems will arise and those kind of advice are often previous and the results are sensitive. That is why I shortly launched this website as basic information about my work and if someone asks for information, then that is possible personally as through a picture. The questions that someone has have to be asked specifically and clearly and mostly short questions do not take more than 30 minutes including preparation and the answers can be obtained for a consultation in my practice or at a distance for a total of € 25,-. Extensive information on the level of the soul mostly takes an hour.
For information you can e-mail me.