Strictly personal advice in the field of:

Living: Buy/sell the house? Renting?
What option is best for me at the moment? Am I choosing the right location? Read everything about how to live optimally on this page.

Work: Keep/change the job?
Wat are my possibilities? Am I exploiting my possibly slumbering capabilities optimally? Do I have a chance with my job interviews? Is it wise to continue studying? Am I in the right profession? Read more about choices of career here .

Relationships: Business/Private
Which advices are currently wanted and applicable? Am I going to keep my business a paying concern? Do I have the right business partners? Is my staff policy in harmony with the success of my business? Is my private relationship in harmony with my person?

Health: Lifestyle/nourishment
Is my lifestyle in balance with the wishes of my body? What are the causes of my possible complaints? Does the body offer solutions itself? Am I using the right nourishments? To what substances and food am I possibly allergic? What vitamins or minerals are missing in my body? On this page you can read more about health.

For this unique way of transfer of knowledge, a personal as well as a written consultation is possible. Because of over 25 years of experience and numerous references, this way of transfer of knowledge gives a very reliable view on the answers to the aforementioned questions and the people involved almost always take the answers seriously and apply them if possible. You can e-mail us free of engagement, or call us at: +31 598-613121