8 October 2023

Dear Dineke and dear Karel,

You asked me to place a review! I did not get around to it... the reviews that I read on your website are so well and beautifully written that I lost all courage.
I do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the warm, loving reception. I felt immediately humbled and honored that I could be a part of this. I still feel the effect even though it has been more than a month ago. For me it was absolutely a life changing experience! Many experiences in my life were given a clear explanation. Because of this experience, my heart became a lot lighter! Hopefully you will be able to make others as happy as you have made me!

With loving greetings, Rosita

16 August 2023

Dear Karel and Dineke,

It was wonderful to receive clarity concerning 'cloudy matters' via the spot-on test of Dineke. What impressed me, was that the measurement of the Bovis values among other things, showed that I had gone 'through the portal of November 2022'. It was right somehow, because since that time I felt differently not knowing about this energetic jump.

Because the more souls who experience this transition/transformation, the larger the Light group (Light friends) on earth will become and the more Light that can be distributed. It is an understatement if I say that it is a challenging and turbulent time that we find ourselves in (and choose to be here and now). I find it complicated however, to be here now. That is why it is nice to occasionally to find assistance with the direction in my life with Karel and Dineke. May you both hopefully will have many more years with us to support and guide us.

Loving greetings,
Edite dos Santos

3 July 2023

It took me some time before I was able to write to you both. My visit to you (on Monday, 15 May 2023) was for me really 'life changing'.

Only afterwards could I very enthusiastically speak about you two and immediately convince different people to make an appointment with you for a consult. I am so grateful and happy that I had a session with you both. Your tireless effort is so full of love and heartwarming. This afternoon session made so much clear to me.

I had a question over a project in Canada where we are busy with the F.N. (First Nations).
So as the Indians in Canada call themselves.
The answer via Dineke was so clear, there was no room for doubt.
I can recommend to everyone to also experience such a session.
It is a unique experience. Your promises on your website are not an exaggeration.

You can really come with all your questions to Dineke and Karel.
You sense that their intentions are pure.
Many here on earth are searching: 'why am I here on Earth'?
Dineke and Karel will deliver concrete answers and advice from the heavens.
How clear do you want it?

You will be giving yourself a huge gift if you book a session with them.
Margriet Kamperman-Verheij

24 April 2021

Dear Dineke and Karel,

Since 2017 I have been visiting you for consultations which have brought me a lot in the area of health but especially in the area of insight. Insight in where I find myself in these often confusing and difficult times. Our conversations have given me much trust. The last appointment at the end of March was very special, the measurements had explosively increased since 17 March 2021. This was according to you the date that a large portal for humanity opened. My head is not able to process how this can be but I feel that for me there is much changed and this was reflected in the measurements during our consult. I am very happy with you both, with the consult and with the delivered messages. My mood at the end of the session was more than divinely happy! Now that I wrote this I feel it again.

Thanks for everything, with kind regards, Irene

15 April 2021

Dear Dineke and Karel,

Starting in 2019 I have visited several times for a consult with you both, and every time there are new and surprising things that come to light. And I also go home stronger with many handouts and advice so that I can again continue my path.

But during my visit in the beginning of April you had very surprising news. Because of several exceptional circumstances you had perceived that there was an awesome large portal that opened for humanity on the 17th of March this year. This portal is so large that the impact on humanity is even bigger than the portal of 21-12-2012. Hereby came a lot of cosmic energy to the earth. You told me that the signs of the big changes in our physical condition is quickly increasing and that means that we live in a very crucial period of humanity. When Dineke was able to measure that I had gone through this portal, I finally understood why I had been feeling so different for some time than beforehand. You also told me that because I went through this portal, my first birth was cancelled and that I took part in a second birth. This information I still need to process but for my feeling something has fallen into place. What exceptional developments and I am happy that I may live in these times and experience this!

Also after my visit I felt again stronger, validated and full of good spirits to follow my path.

Dear Dineke and Karel, thank you so much for your loving attention and dedication!


18 August 2020

A quick email from New York. We are very grateful for the measurement performed by Dineke and Karel. We decided to contact them after we got the Corona virus and noticed substantial improvement quickly after the measurement. With the correct recommendations that were given to us by our own subconscious that Dineke with her gift was allowed access, our Corona affected immune system quickly started to improve, so that we again had good resistance. We are very satisfied and highly recommend it.

Noortje and Neil New York

4 August 2020

Hello Dineke and Karel,

I wanted to thank you both for helping me on my life's path. I have ordered all the supplements and vitamins. The Christ statute that we bought by the antiques dealer has since found a beautiful place.

Here is my story of Chartres. In case you want to shorten it or change it a bit, that is no problem.

The labyrinth in the Notre-Dame of Chartres (France) was one of the destinations on my wish list. Three ley lines cross each other: The Atlantis line, the Celts or Druid line and the Arthur line. At the start of July 2020 it was time. We wanted to take a weekend and submerge ourselves in the energy of the labyrinth. Unfortunately because of the covid-rules it was impossible. But we could stand on the center of the labyrinth. That energy is difficult to describe. It is so strong... You are sucked up into a vortex of energy. We took part of a tour about the history, the beautiful stained glass windows and entrance to the crypt. Absolutely worth it!

The next day I wanted to return to meditate and to pray about what is holding me back in my life. "How can I open my heart"? I received the answer: "Dineke will help you". I indeed had an appointment with her at the end of July. We were warmly welcomed by Karel and Dineke. I was nervous but also curious. Very quickly Dineke had it over my closed heart chakra, and she gave me very good advice. Thank you Dineke and Karel for the good advice. During our visit in Heede we also lit a candle as a thank you. I will also send a picture of the labyrinth via Wim's computer.

Much love,

Martine and Wim from West Vlaanderen.

4 Februari 2019

I went to visit Dineke and Karel for the second time in September 2018. Since my first visit a year earlier I had grown on my spiritual path. Each time they gave me clear messages that I could apply to my life. It is amazing the messages that Dineke receives to give me. They really resonate in my life! Just being in their presence and watching them work together is just wonderful to witness. They are very special people with very special messages. I would highly recommend them if you want more answers during your spiritual path.

Much love, EA Yonce

17 October 2018

Dear sweet Karel and Dineke,

Four years ago, I had my first session with Dineke and Karel. I had no idea how it would go, but even then I found it to be special.
Now, four years later, for my birthday I received a second session and I received such beautiful messages. It was right on the mark.
You have to experience it yourself because it is so difficult to explain to someone else since it resonates deeply from within yourself. Everything is measured, your Bovis values, food habits, supplements, your life's mission, insight, various gifts and much more such as your spirit guides and how you are in your life.
It is amazing how much I have grown.
I have become much more confident which was confirmed in the session. I recommend this for everyone but especially for people who are uncertain.
This is really something that can benefit you. It revolves around love and your origins.
I am so grateful for Dineke and Karel for everything that they do and for their hospitality.
Be who you are while fully surrendering.

Thank you with much love,

9 October 2018

In June 2016 I had my first consult. After a long trip, I was warmly welcomed by Dineke and Karel with tea/coffee and a yummy snack.
It was so special what Dineke was allowed to tell me. Also exceptional was that a lot finally made sense and fell into place like a puzzle that was easily recognizable. I am very committed to animals and nature and one of my life assignments that was revealed is to be a Guardian of the Earth.
Less clear was that I should give more attention to my husband even though we are together 24/7. I also received the prayer for the Healing Angels, something that I could not imagine for who and for what.
My husband had been for some time tired but we know that this is because of other things like his age and maybe a B12 shortage etc. We live very healthy, are vegetarians and eat mainly biological/ecological foods while also being active.
Because of this indication from Dineke I went ahead and made an appointment with the doctor. To our shock, the tests revealed that my husband had colon cancer with a large tumor. Since we live healthy this came as a huge shock. A hectic period with a lot of stress and sadness followed as we faced this and I often used the prayer from the Healing Angels.
Unbelievable and also grateful that Dineke was allowed to receive the message to help me and my husband. I am convinced that we may still be together because of this. Otherwise we might have been too late with the test. Now we were just in time with no metastases. So far, all checks remain free of cancer.
In June of 2018 I went for a second consult with Dineke and Karel. My supplements were adjusted due to my higher Bovis values and it was nice that the recommendations that came through from Dineke I was already using. Lovely to see that I am in line with my life's path and spiritual development!
Dineke and Karel are sweet and honest people. During the consult they work together and because Karel writes everything down once you get home you can at your leisure read it through and let it sink in and refer back to it later.
Thank you for the beautiful sessions and devotion! I will definitely return.



Dear Dineke and Karel,

On New Year's day in 2015 I was told that I had breast cancer and that I had to have a mastectomy. Chemo would follow and the rest was unknown. I had to mobilize all my strength to get through this period. I immediately contacted Dineke Jongepier and asked her how to move forward. After a session where she figured out the correct vitamins and supplements for me (by dowsing) I started to immediately use them. After my operation I recovered quickly and then the chemo could start. Six heavy chemo therapies followed in which I was told that I would probably be very sick, tired and have low blood levels and possibly also need to have a blood transfusion. But it went very well during the chemo therapies, having also worked at times and also exercised. The oncologist was very surprised that everything went so well and told me that I belonged to the lucky 0,5% that come through the chemo treatments with little side effects. Even after all the treatments my physical condition was better even than before. I am convinced that this would not be the case without the good advice of Dineke Jongepier and the consistent use of the vitamins. I want to say thank you so much!

With love, Christa


Dear Dineke and Karel,

When I had my appointment with you in June most of my chakra's were closed. To open my heart chakra I received the advice to purchase a holy heart statue of Jesus Christ. Since the end of August this statue is now in my house. The statue is just in my house and once in a while in my mind I made a connection with the holy heart. Last week I had my aura and chakra's measured by someone who has the equipment to do this. My heart chakra was 100% open! And also the other chakra's were open, my underlying energy was in harmony and my aura was sensitive as well as strong. Personally I think this was through the help of the Jesus statue. So, thanks for the advice!

Greetings, Marcel


Hello Karel and Dineke,

A message from Helga from Nijmegen. It has already been some time since I last visited you. What a special day. I let it sink in; there was so much information and I have already accomplished some things! I bought the book from Lorna Byrne "Angels in my Hair". It is as if I had already read it. By reading bits and pieces of the information I came even closer to myself, so wonderful. But I still have quite a road ahead. Step by step we move into the future. What also was so sweet was that my husband bought me a small Mary statue for my birthday. I also had three Angel statues in my cabinet that I received from my aunt. I cherish them and look at them every day. Received also books from my girlfriend and a customer shortly after my visit with you and I have started writing small experiences. Step by step I will move forward because I trust everything will work out. I just wanted to share this with you just as I want to share so much with you. With this message I want to thank you for the beautiful visit with you.

Greetings Helga from Nijmegen


Dear Karel and Dineke,

From the depths of my heart I want to thank you both for what you have brought me. First the warm greeting with tea and sweets and a relaxed conversation. After that a consultation that brought a feeling to me of amazement, happiness and a sense of coming home rose within. I have since visited you twice; the first time May 17th, 2016 and the second time June 7th, 2017. This year I exactly followed what was said during the consult. Because of this my focal point of consciousness is again on the right path. As Dineke measured I feel myself cosmically happy, not lonely and the most important; I do what I feel and am not affected by judgements of other people. I LIVE AGAIN!

Much love,



I have been able twice to have a valuable visit with Karel and Dineke Jongepier. Dineke is the Dutch authority on measuring Bovis values. She works in a beautiful and authentic manner with her just as loving husband Karel. They clearly work well together and this is noticeable. Beautiful to notice the power and connection that is achieved by this. Dineke opens herself and with her pendulum tests the Bovis values (life power). Karel clearly writes the results with attention to detail. You see and feel that everything is correct.

I work myself in my own practice with another means of testing, but have deep respect for the fact that her tests are so pure. The test results are 100% correct. As a sensitive person you know that it is true. A beautiful example is that karma for me personally does not exist. I always felt this. Dineke confirmed my feelings, that I have no karma and volunteered to come here. Wonderful to have this confirmation. On the way home I read the handwritten results: it confirms to me in who I am, in everything. I thought back to these beautiful, loving people who with their hearts and souls produce something so beautiful for mankind. Actually you can say that through these test results your life's path becomes clearer and you receive clear guidelines. Thank you from my heart.

Rineke van den Berg - Sundancer


That we can sometimes be tired and that we know alongside our food we should use vitamins is generally known and recommended in society. However, that we are more than only our bodies and that everything is connected with each other is again less accepted by society. The depth and wisdom that we are as humans is overwhelming but often is not seen/recognized and we often are not conscious of this. This is why we don't realize what nourishes us and is good for us and what is not good. The result is often extreme tiredness or getting stuck in different situations and not knowing exactly the cause. The current society does not care about this phenomenon except to respond by all sorts of trends such as healthy foods and/or exercise and is often motivated by economic concerns, such as money.

By Karel and Dineke Jongepier I got the chance to experience how unbelievably beautiful everything is intertwined and that they offer a whole other total package with insight/help in which you can move forward on your own unique path as a person. The effect is that you receive more insight in your specific being, your energy is increased. You will shine more internally as well as externally. It gives rest and peace and increases your Love consciousness. Big words but it really is true. The only way to find out is to make an appointment for yourself and to experience how this works for you. My wish for you: that you continue to realize how big you are, a God's wonder. You are loved and may be loved. That Karel and Dineke may/can give you a hand in this. It worked for me so..



Dear Dineke and Karel,

Our visit to Dineke and Karel gave us clarity concerning the life path that we are following. Through the close and intimate cooperation between Karel and Dineke direct questions are asked that are via Dineke measured and are written down and discussed. The feeling of certainty and correctness of the answers make us not doubt anymore but know that we are on the right path. The purpose of life is to learn and develop, grow and shine, bond and to let go. Thank you both that we were allowed to experience this, the warm welcome and the received knowledge and insights.

With best regards, Hans and Nadine


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jongepier,

Thank you for your letter. No, I am not familiar with this book (The eye that never dies). I have on and off collected information over the pineal gland. We learned nota bene at university that the pineal gland was only to keep puberty at bay! As soon as he calcified the functionality was gone! It strikes me that the writer (Agnes van Enkhuizen) states that fluoride medication can break the connection between the pineal gland and the heavens. I too have come to the exact same conclusion. We find ourselves in a time where the last big attempt is being made to radically destroy the bridge function of humans, being the connection between heaven and earth, so that people become people-machines. Fluoride calcifies the functioning of the pineal gland. The early mass vaccinations clog and eventually pulverizes the massive screens towards the bridge. We are at a pivotal point. I do not know where you can get the book.

With kind regards and success with your beautiful work.

H.C. Moolenburgh, Doctor in Haarlem


Dear Dineke and Karel,

In spring of 2016 I was not feeling good. I had different physical complaints and no idea what I should do about them.

I was looking to see what I could do to change this.

In the Spiegelbeeld I read an article about Dineke's work. I made an appointment and in June I visited you. It was a very special visit in which during the measuring it became clear why I felt so out of balance.

I received advice for my physical wellbeing in the form of vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. For my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing the focus came in the form of prayers, poems and books. I should spend more time in nature and with animals, have more rest and relaxation and look for trustworthy spiritual information. This is a part of the advice that came from the measurements and what I since that time have adjusted and done in my life. I have since started to feel better, more comfortable in my own skin and more powerful and self-assured mentally and emotionally. Spiritually I have gained new knowledge, experiences and insights. Became "wiser". In December I once again visited you. The measurement showed an exceptionally large growth and development. New advice came out of the measurement so that I could once again start working with it. Dineke and Karel, it has been for me so special to experience everything that has come out of the measurements and what an influence the application of this has been on my well-being, sanity and growth!

Again thanks to you both!

Love, Marleen


Dear Dineke and Karel,

It is with gratitude that I remember our meeting this summer

My outlook on life is different, it has more power and it reaches much further. That did not happen all by itself. On the day I went to see you as well as directly afterwards, a number of things, in and around the house, broke. It seemed as if everything had to get used to my "new energy". At least, that is the way I see it.

The reason I came to see you, was because I had a bad feeling about the dietary supplements that I used. A feeling that was completely confirmed during the measuring in the session.

Since, as a therapist, I also carry an advisory role, I pay a lot of attention to that now. The Bovis value of a product should be correct, otherwise the product will have little to no effect. I had already heard of the Bovis value, so it all made a lot of sense.

What rests is the "big search"(with help). Lorna's books are good for me. I read them almost on a daily basis. They warm me and change the atmosphere in and around me.

The consultation has put me in closer touch with myself and my tasks in this life.

I feel confident to continue on my path.

Kind regards to you both,

Hannah Schoonderwoerd


Dear Karel and Dineke,

Dineke, I have been searching a long time for you. I finally found you when I read your article on "wanttoknow". I immediately "knew" that you were the one. I managed to make an appointment quickly, another sign. My husband came as listener.

The visit we paid you and Karel on June 17, 2014 was worth every penny. Often I read the report, so lovingly put together by Karel, just to become re-enforced in my 'being'. Your warm welcome and undivided attention has made a huge impression on both of us.

My main question was "who am I" and to understand my heavy lessons in life. The answer was crystal clear: e.g. through the origination of my soul, I do not get on with people that I do not resonate with. I used to always blame myself for not doing it right. The processes I have been through and am currently going through, have now become a lot clearer to me. What an enormous relief, it feels as if a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I received invaluable information and so much practical advice on how I can harmonise and align everything with my soul energy vibrations.

I am now two months down the road and a lot of good things are happening. One by one, beautiful opportunities cross my path, so I can completely fulfil my life mission.

Thank you so much and goodbye.

Love, Kerstin


DNA Activation. Bold new developments. Bo talks...

The other day I was in Veendam for a dowsing session with the very gifted Dineke Jongepier and her husband Karel. For two hours Dineke ( in touch with the Eternal Wisdom "up Above") had her magical pendulum deliver clear clues, pointers, lots of stimulation about food, relationships, destiny, spiritual growth, Bovis values and so much more (YES, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by yours truly ). Dineke also pointed out to me that my body currenly contains 12 active DNA strings instead of the usual 2. This is all part of the journey to Spiritual Awakening, which, as we all know, had its real start around 21-12-2012. Twelve active DNA strings instead of two, this will (eventually) lead to major clairvoyance, paranormal observations, contacts with other realities, more flow, more heart, more connection, more 'magic', less obsession with thinking etc., etc.

And I ponder about this fantastic time where I (and with me many others) are truly part of a really major Change that we can currently hardly comprehend. I am part of something Super Historical that will be understood so much better in years to come. DNA-REACTIVATION is really happening, right here, right now. And we are not fully aware of the potential of all this and what it can and will mean in the future. I rejoice at the beautiful fruit that I and so many others will be able to reap.

So far your New Age Reporter Bo, from a sensational new Body (under development) Schoorl-21-08-2013


Changing perspective

The measurement of Dineke is a very special experience. The good thing is that I became aware of other possibilities in my life through the measurements of Dineke. These possibilities I had never seen. I was on a single theme on a very different track in my perspective. The weird thing was that this has triggered a very powerful energetic shift in my consciousness. After a conversation with Karel he knew to explain why Dineke got to this result. This made me look at things very differently and I understood why. What a change of perspective! The universe immediately responded to this energetic shift. The next couple of days situations crossed my path that surprised me a lot. One of the disturbances, read beliefs, was gone immediately. The result showed. Even after 2 days!.
I followed the advised instructions by Dineke and got on with it right away. Action! Living from my instinct and heart even more. I am very curious what the next months have in store for me.
Dineke and Karel I want to thank you a lot for your intense involvement, a feeling of sincere compassion to put me, and probably a lot of others, on the path of happiness. I am very grateful. My little heart is glowing!

In love, light and joy, Joya.


Searching, searching, searching... sometimes, as lightworker, the blows you get from the dark are very heavy. You look for help and what you get is often loving but vague. The help itself is encouraging, but not enough. Until I encountered Dineke and Karel Jongepier. They looked at all my levels and gave me some very solid advice: Dr.Bach-blossoms, herbs, haptonomy, antahkarana-energy. You might as well say that in no uncertain terms they advised me from body to spirit, consciousness to sub-and over consciousness.

Lately a black cloak had covered me and taken all my breath and energy. But Dineke's rapport is so powerful, it triggered this cloak, it made it stand up flaming with anger. I see it very clearly now: That which had threatened me as a lightworker for the past 4 years, had been triggered by Dineke's rapport, it actually made it angry. What powers you unleash Dineke! And how beautiful is your cooperation: Dineke's intense and ruthless rapport and Karel's crystal-clear explanation of all the aspects of the esoteric background.

Everything gained momentum. It became a tough battle. Karel explained everything over the phone, clear and loving. The antahkarana's, recommended by you both, cooled and clarified. They were like large angels, standing by my side. And yes, then it all turned around. I became aware of my own Light. The cold slowly left my body. There was more air... Today I know it will be alright, it is already getting there. You have been so important to me. You have made me realise what was really going on, and is going on. Only when you become aware, a change is possible.

My sincere thanks.
Hannah van Buuren,


It was a great privilege to meet Dineke and Karel. A very long trip through the Netherlands has not stopped me to go.

The reception was amazingly loving, spontaneous, enthusiastic and very hospitable! First we got to relax, enjoying a cup of tea and we talked about a lot of things. And then I got to go to 'the little room' where Dineke and Karel receive the guest(s).
I made a list with my questions about certain things that play a big part in my life in front. Dineke and Karel work together very closely. Karel writes everything down for you, so you can take it home with you. Dineke 'feels' and looks at everything together with her commute from a stack of very interesting books. From your own subconscious the answer comes. Often a confirmation, but sometimes a very renewing answer. Meanwhile you can think of questions and Karel and Dineke know what to do with every question. It almost sounds too good to be true. But that is how it is. This consultation has given me a lot of insight and I can do a lot with the answers I got to receive. I got nice tips concerning some books, another cup of tea and we talked a lot again about many interesting things in the spiritual world.
All together: It was a very nice, informative, interesting and in-depth afternoon that I will not forget quickly. Even though I travel through half of the Netherlands, I will be back to Dineke and Karel. You often get a confirmation to your questions, it gives you handles, 'how to go on' or what can I do best? In short, it gives you a super great feeling!

Thank you very much Dineke and Karel from Veendam, you are really nice people!

A lot of love, Evelyne Veenendaal


Dear Dineke,

After a couple of tough years with physical and psychological problems, I eventually got to the centre for life and instinct luckily a lot further to restart my life positively. I had been surviving my whole life, instead of living. From October 2012 I wanted to get a little further, I was stuck. Untill I read the article by Dineke Jongepier in Spiegelbeeld. I sent her an e-mail. I got a call from her husband the same day. He told me I could make an appointment, but also got to ask a couple of questions through e-mail. Because they live far away, I chose for the e-mail. After 9 days I got the measurement by Dineke. The result of the measurement was surprising for a small part, but for the majority it all fell into place. We have a son with Down Syndrome and I for and with him have asked a couple of questions. Amazing. He was glowing next to me when I told him the results of the measurement. I am so happy with Dineke. Dear people, ask your questions and start LIVING. Do not postpone. It will bring you so much more.

Love, Wil van Laar


A human being has so much wisdom in them. Deep inside you know what is good for you and what isn't. But when the head claims the leading role, you can get stuck big time. Any way, that is what happened to me. I was stuck on many levels and patterns kept repeating. If I had consulted a psychologist, I would probably have had to have a lot of sessions and little result. I still needed help, but from who? By chance (no, of course not!) I ended up with Dineke.
Dineke referred me to see a haptonomist and gave me through dowsing health advice as well. After a couple of visits to the haptonomist I dared to take the first important step: To quit my job and with that creating the chance to develop a new side of me. A new year, a new start! It gives so much energy and faith!

Thanks for your help, Dineke


Many, many thanks for you.

I was at a locked path in life and I "couldn't see the wood for the trees". All the way from Rotterdam came my question for you help and see your unconditional LOVE for the fellow-man and the "GIFT" that you both in your own way used for me has a positive effect on me.
I feel you have given me the leads and that I can fill in my life on my own with trust.

Again thank you a lot.


Know yourself.

Sometimes you come across crossroads, of which you think, how to go on? You are possibly doubting a lot and searching for a solution or a way out. Indirectly I came in touch with DJR-Advies from Dineke Jongepier-Rijskamp and with a consultation by her through her gift of dowsing I got so many surprising new insights and new perspectives opened with which I could do a lot. This really was a custom advice in which my self-image was discussed thoroughly. What fantastically great working information. I can recommend her to everyone.

Carla Wolff

Oude Pekela 08-08-2012

Hello everybody. I am a man who is sober in life. I am always busy with my career, but I lost the way, not only business-wise but personally as well. I heard about Dineke and Karel from my mother. I had a couple of choices I had to make, but I couldn't see the answer anymore. Dineke and Karel were able to give me the answers to the questions I had and I am on the right track again, I found a bit of peace and quiet and I needed that. Karel and Dineke complete each other during the session perfectly.
Dineke is focused on commuting and Karel asks her the questions that you want answered. I can definitely recommend going to Dineke and Karel for a session if you lost the way like I did or just have some questions about life.

Dineke and Karel thanks for your help!
Regards, Jeroen

Groningen 18-05-2012

On March 5th this year I came to you to meet and to receive a consultation. It became a very interesting and insightful afternoon for me in a nice atmosphere. The consultation sometimes hit something I already knew, but did not listen to enough. I have been able to change that. A couple of minerals that I was short of I have resupplied and it is working perfectly. I have started to exercise a bit more and especially just being outside in the open air, I had been neglecting that.
I was very happy in pointing out where I should pay attention to with making small decisions, that is helping very well still.
Everything still goes on. I regularly read the results again to see what I am not giving enough attention.
To be aware of myself and daring to see is needed and works positively. The afternoon was a nice mirror for my life. And the Studio for Life? That will start working, even though it is slow, but with that comes the acceleration as well.
After the consultation I had a couple more questions and I was happy that I could just e-mail them and got a response in a nice way, which helped me move on.
My compliments for your cooperation and your approach.

I went home happy.
Greetings from Martha

The consult helped me a lot. It was very special to get extensive information on a lot of areas and I am happy to see that is pays off when you follow the advice.
I find it important that Dineke works from good intentions and has a lot of experience in this area.
It is obvious that this is not something you just do.
Inspiring for everyone and really to be recommended!

Kind regards,
Attje Oostra