Spiritual dowsing...

I know very well, that dowsing, or commuting, often is a misunderstood phenomenon, about many prejudices go around. About 25 years ago I saw some people working with this and I was surprised that it was possible to acquire information about almost anything I could think of. I had my doubts about this whole thing, because how reliable and verifiable are these measurements and do all these people have an independent attitude? So at first I did not want to have anything to do with it, but because others kept pushing me to do it I appeared to be very susceptible to this methodology to gather information. I knew I was treading into the area of pseudo-science and that there was no equipment available for measuring fine material frequencies. Because of my spiritual background, I knew that there were many fine materialistic areas and that these areas are populated by all sorts of entities and that only information that is not manipulated by creatures from the lower areas can be accepted as reliable. One of the first things I felt I had to do, was to agree on a code with my guiding intelligence when I started commuting. Did I not get that code, I knew I was being manipulated by entities from the lower regions. I got the commuting book by Rudolf Mlaker in my hands and the enclosed commuting figure told something about the seven fine materialistic areas that are around us. (see picture below)

figuur1 Figure 1.

I realized very well that this book was not just a random commuting, but a source of information where high ethics are required by the commuter and an attitude helpfulness as well to gain access to the information that is often hidden between the commuting figures. Because I am gifted with my gift to acquire information at the level of souls, it is possible for me to acquire answers to, for example the following question: From what world is the soul of the person that I have to commute? From the answers that I have gotten in my years of experience, it turns out that the majority of people come from the astral and mental world before they were born, so area VI and V in the diagram. This area is also called the "lower heaven", of which you have to imagine that these areas are of unknown beauty to us as humans with beautiful landscapes and such. A follow-up question then is: To what area does the soul travel after the physical death of this person, seeing his/her actions up to this point in time? You then see that people often have gone 1 or 2 steps forward in the same area, because they have filled in the lessons in life on earth according to the incarnation plan so far. I then can go even further with my questions, by asking: From what sphere(world) does the guiding intelligence of this person come from? It is known that everyone has a guide, a guiding intelligence, and it turns out, that these are often one step higher than where the soul of the person involved is situated. I also regularly encounter people, of who the soul seems to be coming from the world of instinct, so from the fourth area. This is the beginning of the area of the higher heavens. You all have probably heard of it: The seventh heaven. Well, that heaven is real and it is the first sphere, also known as the divine world. I also once go to discover that there are still souls that incarnate from that world onto earth. Also, the next image.

figuur2 Figure 2.

from the book from Rudolf Mlaker shows the possibility of measuring the human completion in the material world. In other words, in how far has one been able to mount the wheel of death and rebirth. If the commute indicates all 3 circles full then that person has a value of 1110 and they are free of this wheel of rebirth. The numbers 1 - 10 concern the personal formation. To what extent does one learn to exceed the disturbances in the character by developing a rapport, based on love and compassion. In my practice I see that this circle is the hardest one to reach 10 on. The numbers 10 through 100 concern the lesson in life of karma, that needs to be completed in this life. It seems hard, but in general people are often on the right way to complete this with the number 100.
Interesting is to measure the third circle, 100 through 1000 and this indicated, amongst others, the spiritual development of the person. In the many incarnations we have had, I often see that the spirituality is often developed a bit further and that a value of 600 or over is more of a rule than an exception. Of the numbers 1 through 10 the possible disturbances that are hindering to complete this circle can be measured with dowsing. With a similar character handbook, one generally can work faster and more clear to improve themselves. I have done very interesting measurements with the figure (3) designed by me

figuur3 Figure 3.

with which can be appointed with what professions and factors one has come out in past lives and/or this life. I then always ask whether one or multiple past lives can be indicated. These are often very in-depth and interesting data for the person, that is not always available to just anyone.
We often see that professions from past lives are again continued in this life.

figuur4 Figure 4.

Figure 4 is about the laws of life and show to what extent someone is in tune in measurable factors of percentages with for example, generosity, ethics, self-awareness etc. When I measure this, I feel that I am entering an area of great purity, of which I take information to the here and now to inform my fellow man about.

The same goes for figure 5

figuur5 Figure 5.

in which I schematically have divided the 18 chapters of the sacred book The Bhagavad Gita in a circle. Every human being is at every moment in a certain fase of his/her life. By studying a certain chapter, obtained by dowsing, the person will make an accelerated jump to the whole in cosmic harmony. It is, as it were, a to-the-point aimed meditation with a high energetic value.

In this way, dowsing gives access to mostly unknown possibilities and areas and it is often a shame that this way of commuting is so little practiced, even by veteran commuters. Dowsing is a revelation of the whole of the creation in which man as microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. By being in service to this gift I am grateful to be able to do this for my fellow-man.

Dineke Jongepier-Rijskamp