Living - what is the best place for me?

How often are you not troubled by doubt, whether you are living in the right place that contributes to your happiness in life. Because it is very important to always be in the right place. By choice or coincidental circumstances, you are now at a place which might not completely live up to your deepest wishes. Sometimes those wishes are very easy to describe clearly, but sometimes they are very vague and cause disturbances in your being. You are not sure whether to rest or to do something, or that you hope for a miracle from the outside, that will lead you to a better environment. You often do not want to be busy with that daily and you leave the situation as is. But there might be a disturbance in your being that is caused by your subconscious. Your subconscious knows where at what place you will come out well and tries to reach you through your instincts. That does not always work and that is why there is a method available to contact your subconscious through dowsing, so you can find the tracks to possibly a different environment where you belong more in this phase of your life. It is gifted to me to show what is best for you at this moment through dowsing, at least if you are open to this to want to know this.

First I measure if your current living conditions are the right ones. If they are, I measure if there are any other clues to improve. If the current living conditions do not live up to your deepest wishes, I will come to a place where you will actually come out better through different measurements. That could be:

Your body and mind indicate this themselves and so I can go on measurement what is fit for you, for example:

Then is the question if it might be better to buy or to rent? The answer to this will be given by yourself, there in the depths of your subconscious the knowledge about your past/present/future is present and your subconscious always wants the best for you, because the subconscious is a part of the whole of the creation. By acquiring answers this way through dowsing, (new) possibilities open with which your harmony concerning living can only be improved. It is important to me, that I with my gifts of measuring in the whole spectrum of dowsing can and may give my fellow-man direction to following the right path....