Dowsing and choice of profession

The way to choosing the right profession that fits with someone, is often not very simple. Deep in the subconscious of every human being, talents are hidden that often don't fully surface in life. Especially at a young age, when one is very busy acquiring basic knowledge and developing, there is no clarity as to what way one wants to go in life as regards education and choosing the right profession most of the time.

Insecurity and doubts about what direction of education to follow is often a source of frustration for the student as well as the parents. One does not get a clear picture on what path to follow. That I chose the motto "dowsing for the right way" is therefore not a coincidence, because I can get access through this methodology of measuring the pure knowledge of the subconscious of man to get to surface the right education and the right profession. Every person has talents, but does not know them often. How many take the wrong path with their education, because they did not have a clear image of themselves and their way in life, with regards to their choice of profession, when they started. The fact that all knowledge is deeply hidden in the person itself, is the reason to bring this up with the right methodology. Dowsing is very reliable in this, if the commuter has full commuting capabilities, that can place all subconscious patterns of someone explicably and acceptably.

Because of my experience of many years and the many references, I have been able to point the compass in the right direction for many young people, with which they, considering the free will, have been able to take the right step to progress. With my capabilities to dowsing I filter over 300 possibilities to the choice of profession. So the subconscious very precisely and clearly states what this person his/her possibilities are. Once one knows this, I always see a lot of enthusiasm to going with it, because it feels good that someone now knows that "this is the right way!" One can be suitable for a job with:

I also measure the character traits that are connected to this, for example:

And many other answers to questions that are relevant to the profession for which someone is fit. With a couple aimed questions asked to me through the mail on this website and a recent picture where someone is on alone, I can get to work - Discretion is of course guaranteed and I will indicate the costs up front, which are € 25 per half hour. For this, often a bit more extensive method of measuring, the costs are mostly between € 25 and € 50. My motives to do this come from the fact that I see a lot of insecurity and doubt in this area of education and choice of profession and I provide a reliable possibility to take away those doubts and insecurities. That is my motive and it gives me satisfaction to help my fellow man in a similar way to continue his/her path in life.