It is not known to many people, that dowsing can provide many insights outside of the through senses perceptible spectrum. A world of dimensions into which one is accepted becomes accessible with it, only if the intermediary acts only with pure motives. That is why there is a screening, where guards of these dimensions release information that at this point in your life can give you more insights in the meaning of your existence.

The information that emerges here can enclose any period, past, present and future. Because the future has to do with your free will, there are many different paths for the future possible and the most plausible path will be indicated if you bring this up in the phrasing of your question.

Every human being has CHAKRAS and the blockades that hinder your personal freedom often occur there. It is good to know whether these are fully active and vital at this moment. For the other realities (dimensions) the existence of the immortality of the soul and with that the law of reincarnation is a logical consequence. To gain insight in which dimension one originates from at birth on earth, a measurement is possible and linked to that is the spiritual progress that one has made in life so far.

Not physically demonstrable disturbances can be caused by other existing bodies of a person, for example the Ether body, astral body and the mental body. Dowsing can measure these and give guidelines to improve solving the disturbances.

The great philosopher Laotse has divided man into 6 types and when a person is mentally diagnosed, you will be classified as one of these types.

The people also stand for filling in certain tasks in life, which ones they are is very useful to know.

This is a small amount of indications that can be known if one asks for them. A lot more and at a much deeper level, more information can also be obtained.

The duration for a global insight is about 30 minutes. For more information, please send an e-mail .