Private relationships: What factors play a bigger part in this?

How is it possible, that one person is luckier than the other in finding or keeping a partner. If we incarnate on earth, we take along a whole package of experiences from our past lives, which we explore in depth in this life. Our subconscious is already up to date on these past experiences and will guide us towards a direction that matches with the program we have to fill in in this life, to get to a harmonic rapport regarding our evolution. As an incarnated person on earth, we are unfortunately for a big part deprived of this subconscious knowledge. Through our instincts and the law of attraction, we feel impulses of which we know are meant for us. By measuring this subconscious knowledge through dowsing, it is given to me to bring a lot of information to the surface if the person involved is allowed to become acquainted with it.

I measure, for example, the following factors:

Having this knowledge about yourself can work in an adjusting way in your relationships or upcoming relationships. The subconscious also tells us where you have to give more or less attention to, in order to be happier. I then, for example, measure the following:

A very important factor is whether there are certain karma-related connections in the relationships that one has. Karma can be positive as well as negative and can refer to this life as well as a past life. I then measure the nature of the karma amongst other things, which can not be revealed in any other way than through measurements through dowsing, for example:

Knowing this I move on, to measure whether someone is on the right path to give this karma the right direction of finishing or interpretation.

All these measurements regarding relationships and loves connected, give a picture of opportunities and possibilities to a harmonic pattern, that the subconscious of every human being has in store for everyone. I see my intention to serve to reach this often hard to reach knowledge to my fellow man as a contribution to everyone that is open to this form of information. What is more beautiful than by knowing the right decisions being happier in your life...