Health a contribution to more information

Let me tell you first, that I am not a doctor, not even medically grounded, I am merely the medium (the go-between) that can get access to the subconscious of the man with my gift through dowsing. The subconscious knows what is good for the body and the mind. It indicates what substances possibly are missing and what food might be harmful to an effective health.

First I measure the health on the Bovis scale and watch the regular values that are distinctive to a healthy person. Then I can look for possible causes of diseases or disturbances. The causes for disease can be physically or psychologically and that is a first indication.
When it is a physical cause, I measure what the physical symptoms are and which factors can contribute to improvement through iridology. Is there a shortage of vitamins and/or minerals for example? What is the eating pattern like? What food harms the body? Is there an allergy involved? Is this person sensitive to radiation? I also measure the possible treatments from over 50 types of therapy through dowsing. This way the client will always get a custom instruction that can lead to solving or curing the problem. If the cause is psychological, I will see if there are disturbances in the daily routine and where one maybe should pay more or less attention to. By measuring this, amongst other things, you get a direct insight in what the body and/or mind says to chance if you want to improve your health further. So all measurements come from the own deeper layers of the consciousness.

The subconscious is based on being whole and knows what is good for you. What you do with the signs from your subconscious is up to you. If the symptoms are not superficial, I always advice to contact your regular doctors, specialists and/or social workers. I do not prescribe any medicine in any form. That is not my terrain. What I do, is give insight and track possible causes for the inconvenience. The diagnose you give yourself through my measurements are not yet recognized by the medical world, because they do not yet have disposal of the armentarium that can map the subconscious through this form of measurement. What I do, is to bring available knowledge to the surface through a path of measurements of fine matter. The result of my measurement can endure the test of any criticism, because it is obtained by information from the people themselves. Because of my experience of 25 years and ethical attitude towards dowsing, it is given to me to be allowed to open the many dimensions of the consciousness, to point man to a healthier life with that information.